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Eurostars Water Cooled Screw-type Industrial Chiller

※ Profile
◎ Eursostars ESGW series water cooled screw industrial water chiller is new generation product through technology improvement. It includes 52 models and cooling capacity ranges from 103,500kcal/h to 8,341,900kcal/h, chilled water temperature 5~20℃. Customizable to design water cooled screw unitary industrial chiller and other non-standard type. It is widely appropriate for chemical, pharmacy, industrial processing, food processing, etc. industrial refrigeration.
◎We also can design high voltage, seawater source and other industiral chiller units.

※ Performance and Advantages
1. High Efficiency
◎ Featuring high efficient double screw compressor, condenser and evaporator with advaned processing technology and imported expansion valve, these four parts perfect match to make EER reach up to 6.0.
2. Reliability Operation
◎ Phase reversion protection, Phase lack protection, Overload current protection, Discharge air temp. protection, Low & High pressure protection, Low temp. protection, Water flow protection to keep units safety operation.
◎ Double refrigeration circuit and double compressors, one breaks, another one continues, to keep running.
◎ All water chiller unit has passed national standard safety system test before leaving factory, to accord with national standard.
3. Intelligent Management
◎ Micro computer touch control system, simply operation interface, indicating maintenace information in time. Optional for remote service if needed.
Water chiller unit control system can connect with customer central control system to know about the unit's operation condition.
4. Easy and Simply Installation and Maintenace
◎ Refrigerant charge and lubricating oil before leaving factory, just connecting inlet/outlet wate pipe and power source on to start running it.
◎ Control interface indicating breakdown information directly in order to know and maintain it in time.
5. Multi Choices for Refrigerants
◎ Optional for refrigerant R22、R407C、R134a according to customer's need.

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