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Horizontal exposed fan coil unit characteristics:          

1. Stylish Appearance                      
Ultrathin shape design meets customer's need for various outline decorations and cuts the cost.     

2. Quiet Operation                      
Optimizing design equipping with high efficient low noise centrifugal fan ensures quiet operation. Fan has been passed strict test about the balance of dynamic and static before leaving the factory.    


3. High Efficient and Energy Saving                      
Aluminum fins around copper pipes for high efficient heat exchanging,fan motor with large air flow makes heat transfer efficiency best.   

4. Filter                      
Horizontal exposed fan coil unit features washable nylon net air filter installing at the air inlet keeps fresh air.  

5. Convenient Simply Installation and Maintenance                      
Horizontal exposed fan coil unit can be installed under the suspended ceiling, no need special processing to the wall or the ceiling, occupying no space, return air inlet filter is flexible to remove and replace, specially available for building renovation,with low cost, high efficient, different colors appearance matching with room decoration.


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  Products > Fan Coil Unit(Hydronic Type) > Horizontal Exposed Universal FCU
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