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Cassette fan coil unit (four way air outlet) characteristics:
It includes two types:
Popular Type: Natural Drainage with No Control
Luxury Type: Forced Drainage by Water Pump with Electronic Control

1. Four way air supply, makes all coners of the room feels comfortable.
2. Cassette fan coil unit features ultrathin body design.
3. No need install air inlet and outlet separately and air duct connection and thermal insulation.
4. Flexible control ways: remote contro(standard) or wire control (optional).
5. Auto swing for air supply, large diameter centrifugal fan, super-silent operation.
6. High lift condensate pump design, the pump fixes up more flexible .
7. Float level switch protection, keeping away from water leakage. While the water level rises up to the limit of drip tray, it alarms and turns off the water valve or stop fan run.
8. Fresh air can be intaken to keep indoor air fresh and clean.
9. Use auxiliary air duct to supply air to other places, keep the whole room comfortable.
10. Optional choose negative ion generator to make indoor air purify fresh.
11. Water remaining in the tray can be easily drained by manual.
12. Optional for grille to prevent from hand unjury.
13. "C" type heat exchanger, hydrophilic aluminum fin.
14. Convenient structure design, mainteance fan system easily. Remove the air inlet grille, the control box and air director, directly take out the fan and motor as its diameter is smaller than foam wind ring.
15. The square panel, easy for choose connecting direction while installing.
16. Cassette fan coil unit features corner cover design, is easy for installation.
17. Customizable choose centralized intelligent control with Mod-Bus interface.
18. Optional choose water valve installed inside the unit.
19. Optional for stainless steel connecting pipe.

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