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Eurostars Air-cooled Scroll Chiller

Eurostars ESSA series air cooled scroll water chiller is one of the most competitive products, consists of famous brand compressor, electric controlling components, high efficient fin type condenser, coil in tank type evaporator, etc. It features compact structure, eleagant appearance, sufficient cooling capacity, high efficiency and maintenance easily. Energy Efficiency Rate (EER) ranges from 5 to 1.

ESSA series air cooled cooling only chiller cooling capacity range from 2,400Kcal/h to 151,300Kcal/h, chilled water outlet temp. from 5℃ to 20℃.Multi functions protection ensure to accurate control, high reliability and the best performance.

Eurostars ESSA series air cooled chiller is special design to be small and medium size central air conditioning system, and is widely appropriate for separate management buildlings, small and medium size office, factory workshop, restaurant and villa, etc, it also can be customized to equip with multi compressors and more energy saving and durable than split air conditioners.


Besides, we manufacture R134a、R407C、R404A environmental friendly refrigerants, products with seawater source and non-standard power supply.

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Air cooled scroll chiller ESSA :
Air cooled design, no need installing cooling tower, esp. suitable for superior villa and small building with many rooms. It features the same advantages as both split type and VRV type.

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