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Eurostars air handling units, consisting of filter, high efficient heat exchanger, low noise fan, mainly regulate the temperature, humidity of the area , and air purification. As imortant terminals of central air conditioner, It is widely applied to the fields of hotel, theatre, shopping mall, office building, etc., and meets the air conditioning need of the industries of electronics, chemical fiber, textile, cigarette, pharmacy, medical, food and light industry.

EST series AHU are well designed to control the sound level and energy saving utilizing the advanced technology. it features graceful appearance, rational structure, superior performance, reliable quality, convenient disassembly and long operating life.

Vertical series AHU are mostly floor mounted, ceiling AHU are generally ceiling installed inside it, horizontal series AHU are either floor mounted or ceiling installed according to different requirements.

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  Products > Air Handling Unit(Air Handler) > Standard Ordinary Type
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