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1.Brief introduction of cold room evaporator

Ceiling mounted typical air cooler(evaporator) which been widly used for the different refrigerated room or cold room,cold storage.It is an indoor cooling equipment which need connect with outdoor freon condensing unit.

-ESTJS: 0℃ keeping-fresh room;

-ESTKS: -18℃ refrigerating room;

-ESTXS:-25℃ fast refrigerating room;


2.Features of cold room evaporator


1)With steel plate coating casing,corrosion-proof,attractive apperance;

2)Aluminum fins around mechanically expanded copper tube make the coil with high efficiency heat exchange;

3)Configurated stainless steel electrically heating pipe with high defrosting efficiency;

4)Double water collector configurated to avoid water collector being freezed;

5)Long distance air duct is optional;

6)Standard power supply is 380V-3PH-50HZ,and other kinds of power supply is optional;

7)Stainless steel casing is optional.


3.EUROSTARS other kinds of evaporator as below:

3.1.Vertical blast freezing air cooler/evaporator

3.2.Water defrosting air cooler/evaporator

3.3.Double side blowing air cooler/evaporator

3.4.Showcase freezer air cooler/evaporator


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